Sample Recorded Session Videos

All the live sessions are getting recorded. Please check the following sample session from the last semester.

Section A

Computing and Informatics - CI001

Material Science Engineering - MSE002 

Design and Manufacturing - DM002

Society and Environment - SE002

Engineering Mathematics - Maths002 (Non Diploma)

Section B

Engineering Management (3rd Session) - Section B Common Subject for all branches

Thermal Science and Engineering (2nd Session) - Section B Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics of Fluids (9th Session) Section B Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics of Solids  (7th Session) Section B Mechanical Engineering

Design of Machine Elements (1st Session) Section B Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Technology (1st Session) Section B Mechanical Engineering

Note: Above videos will not play in your office  system as the network having firewall enabled. so please play in your home.. - Google Chrome browser with latest flash player is recommended.

If you have any issue in viewing the above recorded session, please email/call us immediately.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Karthick (08129789090)

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